A simple web browser designed to make it easier to multi-task while watching video.


Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for multi-tasking while watching video.

Full Screen Mode

It didn't take us two years to add full screen. Crazy right?

Magic Plugins

Magic plugins for optimal viewing.

Open Source

Open Source keeps us honest and means faster bug fixes.

More than just video

Great for other applications too. Hangouts, timers, todo lists?


"Free as in free beer" Speaking of which, buy me some?


"Does Stratus support

Stratus uses Microsoft Edge. Edge is a very fast and powerful modern browser and is supported by most video sites. As such most site will work with Stratus.

It's broken

Submit a issue here, or better yet, submit a fix.

I am a billionaire interested in purchasing Stratus for millions of dollars. Will you sale out?

You bet! (Ok this has never been asked but here's to hoping.)